For the whole congregation

Drumming and Spirituality

90 minutes

A chance for people of all skill levels to participate in hands on rhythm-making. We’ll tour instruments from around the world and experience the connection of community drumming through activities, stories, and discussions. We’ll also look at how rhythm and music intersect with Unitarian Universalist values.  Bring your own drum if you have one- for those who don't, enough will provided.


In Rhythm and Song

1 hour

An hour of community singing and world percussion. Drumming and singing is as ancient as our most sacred rituals and as grounding and joyful today as ever. Join us in exploring songs of justice while feeling the beat of drums from around the world. 


Mobilizing Congregations for Justice

2 hours

A training to teach, model, and practice 3 central tools for community organizing that can be used to build a more loving and powerful justice-centered community. In many congregations activists struggle to get to a place where the justice work is owned by the whole congregation, rather than a select few. Matt offers specific tools of community organizing, translated for the context of a congregational setting, to create broad buy-in and take effective action.



For Choirs and Music Leaders

Rhythm for Choir

1 hour

We'll explore the theories and practices of West African, South Indian and European perspectives on rhythm. Using song, body percussion, and a few instruments to help us out, we'll dive into odd time signatures, syncopation, and polyrhythms through the lens of what different world traditions have to teach us about the role of rhythm. 


Moving Music Forward

3 hours

A training for choir members, ministers, lay worship leaders, and musicians to dive into the theory and specific techniques for creating a transformative music experience. We'll lift up best practices for introducing new music, setting the context and tone of worship, and repurpose the role of musicians and choir members. 


Song Leading

90 minutes

A fully participatory workshop designed to build skills and confidence for leading music in worship and gathering the community in song. We’ll share best practices for invitational leadership and gentle encouragement to singing. We’ll also expand your repertoire for singing without accompaniment. Join us for an experience of leading and following, rhythm and words, and the sound of a community in harmony together.